Week 2: The Beauty of Imperfections - Storyboard & Assets

Nov 7, 2018

For the after effects animation assignment, I am working with Ellie and Su.

We decided to creating an animation called The Beauty of Imperfections, which will be series of animations of "imperfect" objects that are connected by continuation of shape. The message that we want to tell through this animation is that there is nothing wrong with so called "imperfections", but rather, they are beautiful. We had a google document where we accumulated objects that we thought would fit into this category. After we had long enough of a list, we were able to form a continued flow of shapes from object to object.

Below is the storyboard of our animation:

Next, we came up with a color scheme to use for our assets, so that we could have a uniform style and color range for consistency. Maintaining this consistency would be very important for this animation, as we plan on creating a continuing and morphing animation. The color schemes were selected based on our pinned images on our pinterest board.

We divided up the assets that we needed to create, with consideration of continued scenes, and started making them on illustrator. The general style of the assets that we are going for are flat, cut-out looking line based illustrations, like below: