Week 7: Unreal

Dec 13, 2018

For the last animation assignment, I used Unreal Engine to create a short animation. Since the time given to create the animation was very short, I aimed to create a somewhat abstract animation, one without a clear story line, but still with some sort of plot. I also wanted to create a landscape rather than specific scenes for my animation, so I focused on creating a landscape with foilage. I looked through the Unreal marketplace for assets that I could use to create the animation and downloaded the free nature starter pack published by unreal engine team.

I also created a character using Fuse and auto-rigged and downloaded fbx files from maximo. I used the animations of capoeira movements, because I wanted to have my character(s) to have active movements.

The whole setting of the animation takes place in a rocky terraine with gian female characters doing capoeira movements. There are also floating water spheres all around them. At one point, all characters fall (the "dying" animation was used) to the ground and suddenly a gian water lily (also with water material) arise from the ground to the sky. I wanted to have a loose theme of capturing the natural state of human beings and all things going back to birth / beginning, signified by the water lily.

Below is the created animation:

I do plan on continuing to explore with the Unreal game engine, so hopefully I can keep updating with the versions of this animation!