Week 3: Bouncing LEDs [LAB]

Sept 26, 2018

This week's lab of creating a simple application using digital / analog input and digital output, the inspiration started from wanting to creating something that mimicked the "ping-pong"-ing nature of a conversation / interaction between people. I wanted to create a physical visualization of the metaphor of one person's words bouncing off / ping-ponging to another person, then to another, then to another and so on. While working on this, I also realized that I was creating a sort of physical "bouncing ball". Hence I decided to call this physical device "Bouncing LEDs".

Materials used:

One thing that I would have liked to do, is to create buttons that don't have to live on the breadboard so that people could physically hold the button to provide a more direct correlation to the metaphor that I was inspired to create this physical device. However, there was enough "spaghetti" situation happening for the day and I wanted to focus more on perfecting the other aspects of the device.

Stuff I learned:

Stuff I'm still not sure of:

Arduino Source Code: