Documenting Your Work: Guidelines

IMPORTANT: For all blog posts you write for this class, set the category of the post to "Communications Lab".

Reading Response

"There are reading and viewing assignments throughout the semester. You will be required to write a short response to each reading and post it to the class blog. These responses should contain thoughtful reflections on the reading and its relevance to the material covered in class. Blog posts will be graded on reading comprehension, as well as quality of writing and critical thought."

Format of your title:

Week Number: Response to "Title of text / video" or Author Name (Instructor Name)

See examples below:

Week 2: Response to "The Medium is the Message" (Chen)
Week 2: Response to McLunan (Krom)
Week 5: Response to "Embrace the Remix" (Leon & Nimrah)
Week 5: Response to Kirby Ferguson (Moon)

Things to keep in mind when writing your reading response:

  • Show your understanding of the reading: concept, ideas, perspective of the author(s), or different sides of the argument (if relevant).
  • Your reading response should be a reflection, not a summary.
    • Refrain from simply paraphrasing the text. Find some way to elaborate on what is being said.
    • Reflect on the general topic or specific aspects of the text.
      • For example, you can reflect on the general topic (i.e. what it means to "reproduce" an artwork, cultural appropriation, the internet as a distribution platform for art) or on a specific aspect of the text that speaks to you.
  • Make associations in relation to your personal thoughts and experiences by:
    • building on the argument of the author
    • or responding with an argument of your own
      • Don't just make a statement. Tell us why.
Project Documentation

"You will also be required to post detailed documentation for each project on the blog, detailing your process and linking to documentation of the work. These posts will be expected to contain a description of the project and a working link; a description of the process of making the project and collaborating with your peers; and an evaluation of whether or not the project was successful and met your initial goals. Even if you work collaboratively, every student MUST post his/her own response."

Things to keep in mind when documenting your project:

  • Description of the project
    • Why are you doing this project?
    • What are some of your inspirations?
  • Working link
    • The link to the website you have uploaded to NAS. For example -
  • Description of the process of making the project and collaborating with your peers
    • Ideation and initial goals
    • Images / videos of drafts / final version
    • Division of work amongst your collaborators
    • Code, with focus on sections that you think is essential to your project
    • Credits to resources that you used (programming libraries, images, videos, sounds...)
  • Evaluation of your project
    • What worked and didn't work?
    • What did you learn from doing this project?
    • What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

Examples of documentations:

Using Wordpress

Please refer to this Google slide for tips about using features of Wordpress for media uploads and formatting.